Steinberg Virtual Bassist VSTi DXi 1.0 INTERNAL  

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Steinberg Virtual Bassist VSTi DXi 1.0 INTERNAL

Steinberg Virtual Bassist VSTi DXi 1.0 INTERNAL
Steinberg Virtual Bassist VSTi DXi 1.0 INTERNAL – AiRISO | 336 MB
Due to massive popular demand we completely reworked our old driver based dongle emulator to work together with our new SynsoEmu, we removed the driver and made it dll-based. All releases have been rebuild, repacked, updated and made compatible to run on modern operating systems like Windows Vista/Seven After 10 years of SyncroSoft ownage it’s time we move on … We hope you enjoy this final RETRO summer release …
With the benefit of Virtual Bassist, you can enrich your projects with professional-caliber bass lines – without having to call on a bass player or endure interminable takes to capture a good performance. Steinberg’s Virtual Bassist is an accomplished player who has mastered 30 styles. It always plays with perfect timing, and adapts to suit virtually every musical taste. Every style comprises phrases in varying levels of complexity and suitable fills, all of which were tracked by professional studio musicians. And for your further processing pleasure, you have an array of high-quality virtual stomp-boxes and a special amp section at your disposal.

Utterly authentic-sounding bass parts derived from the actual performances of professional studio bass players
Lines are quickly and easily played on every MIDI keyboard
30 different styles with numerous variations and fills
Excellent sound-sculpting tools (Bass Model, Attack, Damping, and Pickup Position)
Real-time control over vital parameters
Groove Match technology for adapting bass lines to other MIDI grooves
Amp section featuring amp type, speaker/mic and EQ selection options
High-quality virtual stomp-box effects (also employable as a VST effect plug-in)

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