PrintFolders v2.3  

Monday, May 3, 2010

PrintFolders v2.3

PrintFolders v2.3 | 5.6 Mb

List your files and folders, MP3 music or DivX movies into text or HTML files with a single click of mouse. PrintFolders offers three customizable output formats: HTML, plain-text and unformatted plain-text. All you need is to choose what to include into the list, how the list will look and where it will be placed.

Other features include: support for ID3 v1.x, v2.3.x and v2.4.x tags, the "Custom root" function for more convenient cataloguing of files to be burned onto a CD, ability to limit the number of subfolders ("Deepest subfolder level"), file filter for filtering what to include into the list, HTML output customization.

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