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Saturday, May 15, 2010

K Icon Set

K Icon Set

Hello all, I am happy to announce another release, 1.15. The major difference is that I have collated all the icons into one set. It was getting a bit hard to manage as multiple ones and the size increase is minimal. All the icons are in there, plus some new; by request some new mail actions (I think they need a bit more work but they're better), a new desktop icon that fits better with the theme and possibly a few others I've forgotten about. So, enjoy!


A MASSIVE thank you to Lars Gardmo for offering to host these icons. The first link is with Filecrunch though, I would urge you to try this first to save Mr Gardmo's bandwidth :)

This is the most comprehensive icon set for KDE. Not only does it take the best icon art and combine it into an attractive set, it also uses a fine balance of photo realism and simplicity to achieve a clear interface. The icon 'actions' folder contains nearly 300 icons designed with standardisation in mind and they are all created to take advantage of the higher screen modes in use today. All actions can now go up to 128x128! I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the artists who's original art work make this set possible. This is work in progress and I would ask for feedback from any users who would like to input to the project. Oh, and if you like it, remember to vote good :)

99% of this set is GPL now and what's not is most likely creative commons. PLEASE abide by the licence rules, if you use icons from this set please research and credit the appropriate people. I have been given permission to release other peoples art work under the GPL so respect the licence.

Enjoy ")

*Credits must go to:

*Ademmer1977 for the kmail icon.
*AleXander Kirichev for Slackware kmenu icon.
*Amira Julia for the original art work that provided many printer and desktop icons.
*Dirceu for the user avatars.
*EKrava for the kmenu_Kubuntu icon.
*Everaldo Coelho (realistiK & Crystal) - Ultra high quality open source icons.
*Everaldo for the emotions.
*Futurosoft for a couple of their GPL icons.
*Guppetto (OS-L) - for (among other things) the best folder icons ever.
*Gabriel Gabriel for kmenu icons.
*hammergom for kde_fedora icon, K3B, XGame and many icons from his Crystal Glossy set.
*Keyser Soze for the Debian kmenu.
*Marco Martin (Glaze) - for the actions.
*Marco Martin for the kwifi icons.
*Marc Mironescu for the email icon.
*Matias Costa for creating folder open and folder locked icons.
*Riccardo Pavone for the best trash icon ever!
*Rowancompsciguy for the laptop battery icons
*Yaco for the Skype icon.

*Please let me know if I ever miss anyone!

Email me if I need to add/change things (especially for distro specific requests)


*You will need cookies enabled to download the sets.

Just download the archive, uncompress and copy to /usr/share/icons then choose OS-K icons from the KDE control center.

If you would like to change the 'kmenu' icon go into the 'actions' and 'apps' folder and remove '_YOURDISTRO' from the name, there are a couple of icons you need to do this too.

Have fun.


All the 'app', 'devices' and 'actions' icons are under the GPL. 'filesystems' and 'mimetypes' are yet to be sorted/confirmed. Please respect licensing rules when using these icons.


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