AdminToys Suite 2009  

Sunday, May 23, 2010

AdminToys Suite 2009

AdminToys Suite 2009 | 12.9 MB

AdminToys Suite is a collection of administration utilities for remote management of Windows Servers and Workstations.
Supports Microsoft® Windows® NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7.

Save time on everyday administrative tasks with AdminToys Suite:

* Monitor computers performance and reliability on your network
* Manage running processes and applications remotely
* Inventory computers in your corporate networks for hardware configuration
* Track and limit disk space usage on remote machines
* Synchronize computer clock all over your network
* Perform a planning restart/shutdown or power on network computers
* Execute commands remotely on a stand-alone computer, group of computers or in the entire domain
* Configure network adapters remotely
* View or change Windows Registry keys and values on remote computers
* Control services on remote machine
* View logged events
* Gather your network computer's statistic and export it to CSV, TXT or HTML

Top 5 key features that sets AdminToys Suite apart from competitors:

* “All-in-one”. AdminToys Suite is a complex solution with increasing functionality from version to version
* No client-side software at all. You do not need to go and install any special software on computers that you will be remotely connecting to
* Batch processing. Perform the same operation on 1,000 remote computers as easy as on the local one
* Highest security level. For administrator authentication AdminToys Suite uses Windows security with Active Directory® support
* Ease and convenience. Modern Vista-like graphical interface

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