SMath Studio v0.82  

Friday, March 26, 2010

SMath Studio v0.82

SMath Studio v0.82 | 1.80 Mb

Free-of-charge mathematical package with the graphic interface for calculation of mathematical expressions and construction of bidimentional and three-dimensional schedules. Supports work with matrixes, vectors, complex numbers, fractions and algebraic systems. Convenient, graphic (as on a paper) the interface and rich computing opportunities of the program are well combined with worthy quantity of adjustments and automatic modes. The informative mathematical directory also is built in the distribution kit of the program.Mathematical program with "paper"-like interface and numerous computing features (now with integrated mathematical reference book).

• Calculate systems, matrices, vectors, complex numbers, fractions.
• Functions: addition, subtraction, multiplication (scalar and vector), division, finding of factorial, raising to power, roots, determination of modules, trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, logarithms, determination of signature, calculation of an argument, determinants of matrices, transposition of matrices and vectors, minors of matrices, algebraic additions to matrices, calculations of matrix trace, ranking, conversion of complex numbers from algebraic to trigonometric form.
• Display of graphs of functions for variable 'x'.
• Symbolic and numeric differentiation (derivatives) are available.
• Availability of inserting text regions into a worksheet. This feature is automated, so when the user inserts text or formula, the program will detect it and the user does not have to select 'Menu' >> 'Insert' >> 'Text region' option in the menu.
• Export of created worksheets into html format ? creation of web-pages.
• Support of parameters (constants and user-defined parameters).
• Unlimited size of worksheets and their quantity.
• Copy, cut, paste, and delete of expressions and/or parts of expressions.
• Tracking history of changes (undo, return).
• Possibility of saving and opening of created worksheets while working in SMath Studio (.sm) file format.
• Automatic saving of user’s preferences while exiting the program.
• Possibility to change the font size of expressions, as well as their colors and background color.
• Support of devices with any screen resolution and screen orientation (starting from 240x240 pixels and higher).
• Support of eighteen interface languages

What's new in SMath Studio 0.78:
· SMath Studio now supports Mathcad files to open (files with .xmcd extension)!
· Added ability to Undo/Redo for the hole page instead of the separate history for every control;
· Selecting page controls with Ctrl key pressed implemented;
· To start writing a text " (quotes) button can be pressed;
· Improved simplification of the functions ln(x) and lg(x) in case of the x-numbers are equal e (for ln) or 10^c (for lg);
· Trigonometric functions with standard values in deg. now can be simplified;
· Min required numbers changed from 10e-12 to 10e-99;
· Fixed error with Plot control: sometimes it can't be resized.
· sec() and cosec() [csc()] functions simplification ability added;
· Numeric library improved to exclude some calculating errors;
· identity(), matrix(), rows(), cols(), el(), length(), tr() functions implemented into symbolic library;
· Vector multiplication (cross product) operator added to symbolic library for native support;
· Loops (for, while) performance improved;
· All symbolic calculations results now displays all fractional powers as radicals;
· German interface translation updated;
· Fixed error: calculation results not updates after using Undo/Redo functionality;
· Handheld: Fixed error with various matrix Toolbar button modes on non-cyrillic devices;
· Corrected file names of opened pages on the main program Title;
· Fixed paths for the result html-file on Export to HTML action;
· Graphs improved (summ() function now work into the control);
· Border supporting added to SMath Studio controls;
· Handheld: Fixed error when user "Save as" file without filling extension in File Name input - this file can rewrite existent one without any confirmation dialog;
· Text Control now can be removed by removing all it's text;
· Fixed "Esc = Backspace" issue;
· Fixed critical error, when Plot graphs with large z-coordinate;
· Update dialog now can be setted up to check for stable updates only;
· Couple of errors in symbolic library fixed;
· Speed and stability improved;
· Code optimizations.

PocketPC 2003(SE), WM5, WM6 - .NET Compact Framework 2.0
Linux (installation of last accessible distribution kit Mono is necessary for work of the program!) :(Only these country please :US, DE, ES, UK, FR, RU, IT, CA, PT, NL, BE) these country pleaseUS, DE, ES, UK, FR, RU, UA IT, CA, NL, AT, CZ)

(Other Countries....)

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