MovCaptioner 3.6 MacOSX  

Monday, March 8, 2010

MovCaptioner 3.6 MacOSX

MovCaptioner 3.6 | MacOSX | 7.6 MB

MovCaptioner keeps repeating a segment of the movie until you are done typing what you hear. Just hit the Return key and it will save your caption and automatically advance to the next few seconds of the movie, allowing you to zip through your captioning tasks in no time flat.

You don’t need to be a QuickTime guru, either. The caption track is added automatically with the click of a button. And exporting Transcripts compiles all the captions into one concise text file, with or without timecode. If you can type, you can make your movies and YouTube videos accessible! Already have transcripts and just need to add them as captions to your movies? MovCaptioner will allow you to import the text as captions, making the job a snap! It will also import other caption formats such as SCC, STL, XML, QT Text, SRT, SUB, and SBV to convert to other supported formats. Now that Final Cut Pro 7 can import SCC files, creating Line 21 captions just got easier as well. Just import the SCC file MovCaptioner creates into Final Cut Pro when printing to tape and you’re done!

- YouTube now supports .SUB and .SRT caption files, which MovCaptioner can export!
- Imports all captions that you type into your movie – You dont need to be a QT guru! If you can type, you can add captions to your movies.
- Creates a transcript of your movie or podcast with the click of a button as well
- Adjustable Repeat Interval control keeps repeating a snippet of the movie until you get it right
- Live preview in QuickTime Player of what youve done at any point in your progress
- Choose your background color, font, font style, font size, and font color
- Save your work and finish it later. No need to do it all in one sitting.
- Allows you to remove previously created text tracks for re- editing
- Supports SCC closed captioning for iPods and broadcasting
- Supports Flash CS3 captioning
- Supports JW Player Timed Text (TT) captions
- Import text transcripts into MovCaptioner to use as captions in
- Your movies, either in paragraph form, line-by-line, or as STL format
- Also imports SCC, STL, XML, SRT, QT Text and SUB caption format files.

- Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
- QuickTime Pro 7.0 or later (for embedded text tracks only).
- Note: Snow Leopard users MUST install QuickTime 7 (available on the Snow Leopard install disk) as QuickTime X is not yet fully functional and will not work with MovCaptioner.
- Flip4Mac plugin (free) required for loading Windows Media movies.
- Perian plugin (free) required for loading FLV movies.
- ClosedCaptionImporter plugin for QT (free from Apple) for creating SCC captions.
- Please install by dragging the MovCaptioner folder to your hard drive's Applications folder.

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