Motorola Phones Tools 5.0.5  

Friday, March 26, 2010

Motorola Phones Tools 5.0.5

Motorola Phones Tools 5.0.5 | 50.69 MB

MPT 5.0 has a simple to follow, task-based user interface. With just one click, synchronize all your phone contacts, calendar and tasks. The intuitive synchronization wizard guides you through the process of updating your calendar and phonebook and provides a backup on your computer.

Personalize with Ringtones, Images and Videos: Transfer and store pictures taken with your cell phone camera to your computer.

* Message: Send text messages from your computer keyboard for greater speed and simplicity
* Use your cell phone as a modem: Connect your laptop to the Internet using your mobile phone as a modem virtually anytime, anywhere (even at the airport, while you wait in your car.)
* If you have a phone with Bluetooth® wireless technology, you can connect your phone to your PC with Bluetooth® technology.

[b]Program: Motorola Phoe Tools
Version:[/b] 5.0.5
Producer: Motorola Inc.
Filesize: 57 Mb

PS : works perfectly on Windows Vista, I got this app running here without problems.

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